If there was one thing that Kristin Glaudi has always had a passion about, it is helping business owners become success stories. Years before the Internet was even born, she had created “printed” business directories for local businesses. Fine tuning her skills and always taking many courses on marketing, and learning what works and what doesn’t.

When the Internet was born, she was fascinated by websites. Finally, after spending many years in the remodeling and real estate businesses, she changed course. “To follow my real passion, I sat myself down in 2008 and taught myself how to build websites. In order to hone my skills, I built websites pro-bono for business owners that I knew personally.  Pretty soon afterwards, I was constantly hearing about Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. So, I added Social Media Marketing as an additional service. Eventually, PR Showoff was launched. I was serious about helping others not waste advertising dollars. Nothing is more frustrating to a business owner”, Kristin said. “One of the most exciting things to me, is the feedback that we receive from business owners. We regularly receive text messages and emails stating how thrilled they are with our services”.

As PR Showoff has grown tremendously (they have an office in the Florida market as well) so has the technology. “We keep evolving with the ever rapidly, changing technology. We include video marketing, as well as mobile and text marketing. We have also added business development. We train business owners on how to outsmart their competition through our online academy- www.bizprosperacademy.com., added Kristin. “To me, there is nothing like an Entrepreneur. Everything that we enjoy we owe to an Entrepreneur somewhere. Entrepreneurs take risks and create places, inventions, and things to make our lives better and easier”, said Kristin.

One thing that PR Showoff won’t do? “We will not service Social Media clients outside our local markets, unless their product is a national product. If a company is offering to do your Social Media from another state, and you serve a local market, they just cannot deliver good and efficient service”. “We just signed a national skin care company, and that is different. For them, we will be hiring modeling talent, influencers, creating webinars, as well as handling their Social Media. We are also in the process of building their eCommerce site. So their market is a national one. If we can’t make our client’s marketing dollars work for them, we will not continue to take their hard earned revenue”.

If you are ready to explore, or improve your internet exposure, visit the website for PR Showoff at www.prshowoff.com. You may also call them at: 850-972-8040