We are highlighting our local non-profit organization, Angels’ Place Inc. This team has been a shining light for children and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses since 1997. The passion and dedication that founded Angels’ Place originated with Anita Gilford, a mom dealing with her own son’s fight with cancer. While her son was being treated for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Anita Gilford put her faith in action and prayed for God to get them through it, promising she would dedicate her life in helping families like them. Her son conquered his cancer, and Angels’ Place was created immediately after.

Their mission is to provide ongoing care to families, even if their child passes away, and ongoing support for everyone involved in a loving, caring manner. For over a decade now, the gracious staff: Mark Firmin- Executive Director, Mary Kantlehner- Children’s Program Director, Ashley Perrot-Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant, and Jules Goins- Grant Writer, have carried out this continuous promise with the help of other dedicated sponsors and volunteers for this unique non-profit.

Furthering that mission, they provide respite care services across Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. Through Children’s Hospital, Ochsner Hospital, and Tulane Lakeside Hospital, they send trained and passionate volunteers to check on progress, support families with a shoulder to lean on, and also provide household aid. At the moment, they currently work with and provide care to over 90 individual children and their families, including siblings. Reaching out to over 100 children, they impact over 350 individuals including their families. Mark Firmin mentioned their goals of the future, ultimately to grow and be able to consistently provide on-going support services. Angels’ Place needs the community involvement and support to help them make a valued investment into the lives of these individuals. 

This team has created something families with heartbreaking circumstances truly need to help them get through the challenges they will face. Many people do not realize that there are underlying non-medical issues that need to be helped alongside a hospitals care. Angels’ Place understands and addresses that by bringing comfort needed in difficult times. Their non-profit is one of only a few charities of this kind in the United States, and the only one in Louisiana that provides ongoing services.

On top of respite care, they show their love and passion by hosting special events year round at no cost to families. These events include spring picnics, Thanksgiving dinners, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, and other family strength-building activities. Families in need are also provided with school supplies, gift cards for daily necessities, and gifts at Christmas time. They are well known for events like these, but this year they are dedicated to go big with “Party with the Angels.” The passion for this upcoming event is thriving among the Angels’ Place team.

Party with the Angels will be held on Friday, October 5th at the Magnolia Plantation, 818 Elmwood Park, New Orleans, LA 70123 (in Elmwood.) There is free parking at the venue. The night will include “Let’s Make A Deal” and “Price is Right ” style games, auction, raffle, dinner, cocktails, and other surprises. So anyone can be a winner!!! All proceeds from the event will go to Angels’ Place. You can come bring out your inner child and hidden talents all the while raising funds for this beautiful cause of committed care for children and families. Mark Firmin and his team will plan and get everything organized for the upcoming fundraiser, but this event needs the support of the community and local businesses. 

Angels’ Place was developed through faith and perseverance. If you would like to join Angels’ Place and be a part of a loving organization, call 504-455-2620, or connect through their website HERE to further volunteer, become a sponsor, or donate! Find them also on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter