It may seem like you have hit a dead end in your job search and with the economy today, many continue to apply numerous places and just don’t get the feedback they deserve. The Personnel Consulting Group understands your worry and has been handling direct hire placement and contract staffing services while successfully building companies since 1969. They broaden your limited options by leading you to companies that thrive and want your talents! Frank Loria CPC is the President of PCG, and with the help of a fantastic team, has guided many clients and companies to success. The company will be celebrating their 50th year in March,

If you aren’t having any luck in your job search, this isn’t the end! The Personnel Consulting Group are professionals in the industry of employer solutions, located at 110 Veterans Memorial Blvd Ste 535 in Metairie, and will lead you to the right career placement. This is the family you will want to support you in your career endeavors, and the best start for you and your own family in finding a career you are truly passionate about. Their mission since 1969 is professional and caring direct hire and temporary personnel placement services that are readily available. While working with companies that are hiring for positions like Accounting & Finance, Administrative & Clerical, Engineering & Technical, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Oil & Gas, they connect you to the one that is fit specifically for your expertise and applicant needs.

Frank Loria combines diligence for PCG and is also passionate about the community’s needs. Frank Loria is the proud founder of a non-profit organization called Connect Nola that ultimately brings non-profits together to prosper. His purpose of this is to “Serve the Servers” and has operated Connect NOLA for three years, supporting numerous ecosystems throughout the greater New Orleans area. His expertise for his business is to pair striving, talented people with thriving businesses and he combines that talent in helping connect the community as well. The Personnel Consulting Group and Connect NOLA are running off of dedication to their team and customers while understanding that collaboration is key to reaching any goal!

For the 13th consecutive year, PCG is the Gold sponsor for the LCPA 2018 Business and Industry Conference held at the Ritz Carlton. PCG happily states, “What we do affects the lives of so many people. It is sobering and humbling that we have the ability to build bridges in peoples lives that bring companies, families, and successes together.” They have received fantastic testimonies from satisfied individuals primarily because they realize that this is a relationship rather than a “transaction.” They have a genuine reputation of introducing individuals to these career paths, along with the companies for long-term success. PCG expands your opportunities and exceeds your expectations.

Their mission statement is “Meeting Needs, Changing Lives!” Give them a call at 504-581-7800 or view their Facebook and Website for job postings and their family of staff members. They are available for you Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00.