Hairwear Salon is Home of Crescent City Curly Girl, located at 3213 17th Street Suite 4 in Metairie; they are a community favorite! The associates are experienced at handling a variety of textures and lengths for women, men, and children that want to embrace, flaunt, and adore their natural curls. You will feel welcomed walking into their cheerful atmosphere and confident walking out.
Owner, Terri Malone, is a Level 3 DevaCurl Certified Stylist, and she states, “This is more than a haircut, it’s an event!” While she works your hair, she gives great tips and Curlology lessons to her clients for handling their specific curl needs from wet to dry. Hairwear is the only DevaCurl inspired salon in the New Orleans metro area, with stylists who possess all levels of certification awarded by the DevaCurl Academy in NYC. The team is highly prepared for any style or cut you have in mind. They do it all at Hairwear. Even if you aren’t a curly girl, you will still be satisfied with any choice of cut, color, and style.
The staff at Hairwear knows that if you ask a curly person about their hair, they’ll tell you the story of their life.  Terri says, “You talk, we listen. All of this goes into how we approach each client’s personal, individual needs.”  You have found a salon that gives you the tools to cleanse, hydrate, and set your curls to overcome the humidity of Louisiana’s climate. If you are active or working constantly, they know how hard it is on your hair and will advise you with the best treatment and products. Or, if you just need a simple (or dramatic) change, their skills will guarantee a hair “do-over”! Their additional services include brow threading, eyelash extensions, and make-up! If you are wanting a change, they have you covered with a variety of options.
Client testimonials show off the curl love they now have thanks to Terri Malone and her team’s passion and ability. See the results at Hairwear Home of Crescent City Curly Girl. Check out lessons in curls at the salon on their Facebook page, and give your hair a whole new awakening by calling (504) 444-1123 to schedule your consultation.